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And God looked upon all He had created and Behold It Was Good, Very Good! – Genesis 1:31
And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. -- Genesis 1:31, King James version
God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. – Genesis 1:31 New International version
“There is nothing within me to impede the love of the Spirit. I now release all personal opinions about others. I let go of all hurts and prejudices. I let the full action of divine love act through me and be the basis of all human relationships. I am unified with the good in every man, and all else becomes as nothing. I have no interest in other people's faults. I keep my attention on the divine possibility within everyone I know. God‘s love is at the center of all, and it forever moves in perfect action through all. I am blessed and prospered by divine love. It enriches my soul and it prospers my consciousness. It frees me from the errors of human judgment, and makes me to know that I am one with all GOOD.”

Ernest S. Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker – Richer Living - Page 244



Please note the first sentence in the Holmes/Barker quote above. “There is nothing in me to impede the Love of The Spirit.”

When I was asked to speak on the word Good, the first thing I thought of was, Good is really a synonym for Love. The two words always to me associate with each other in their meaning and application. However, what is of interest to me more than these two words, is not that they convey sameness which I believe they do, but rather the words “Very Good” and what it denotes. (See quote from Genesis above)

To me what makes Good, “Very Good” is the association it has with the word “Spirit”. (Again please see the first sentence from the Richer Living quote above).

When I use the word Spirit, I always make an attempt to clarify this all-important denunciation. You see, you and I are also Spirit, yes Individualized, but nonetheless, all of us is Spirit. Like the drop of the Ocean, it may not be the entire Ocean, but the Drop so called, has all the elements of the ocean. This same example could apply to each of us.

If we want a truly fulfilling Life on this earth and beyond, we need to have nothing in us “to impede The Love of the Spirit”. This means “doing Good works”, but Greater Good Works will come when we know it is The Spirit in us who requests them. For this involves Love coupled with the Good we are to dispense.

It is then we are fulfilled and the Spirit in us claims, “Amen!” Trust me, we all need this Sacred Amen, It’s our way of knowing, “That all that we are is God, and It is Very Good”,



Rev Lloyd



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