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A Spiritual Re-Calibration


“We cannot describe the natural history of the soul, but we know it is divine. But this I know, that these wonderful qualities did not now begin to exist, cannot be sick with my sickness, nor buried in any grave; but that they circulate through the Universe: before the world was, they were.”


"THE world of today is my world, the cause of it I consider in today’s language. I see my world as the operation of an intelligence which must be Mind, a power which must be the law of that Mind, and a unity which must bear witness of divine love. While I respect the beliefs of the past, yet I must seek my God today. I can accept a perfect Mind, an unalterable law and an interpenetration of love. This is understandable to me, and workable by me. I believe myself to be of divine importance. I believe that He who brought me forth indwells me and acts through me. God in me is my reason for being.
Indwelling me is a center of divine action. Omnipresence personalizes itself in me, and I am its distributing center. I live under a law of Mind action, and into that law I place the cause of the things I desire. God wants me to have what I want to have, and the law produces my good for me, as and when I want it. Being a law, it cannot oppose me, but must obey my will. This is the hope of my being, this is my cause for rejoicing. I live in a universe that fulfills my every positive desire, when I definitely state this desire into the law of Mind. Greater good could no generation have."

Richer Living - Ernest S. Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker - Page 174 Para 1-2



“Greater Good could no Generation Have.”
"God in me is my reason For Being.”

I have taken the opportunity To use the Quotes above, given I recall them often and re-read them on more than one occasion during every calendar year. By year's end, and especially after the Holiday Season, I’m ready for what may be termed “A Spiritual Re-Calibration.”

This is especially true this current year, given the “Storm of Storms” over the Christmas week, added to the cancellation of 17,000 airline flights going into the New Year only days away. Just be thankful if you were not affected. Millions were and my prayers go out to them all.

For the many of us affected, quotes like the above are the saving Grace. They never fail to remind me “In the midst of the current storm, Be Still and Know The Truth”. We are so blessed to live in a time when we can draw on such Great Wisdom.

Please take time now, to reread the lessons and books that Boldly set forth Truth like the above. How fortunate are we, “Who has Found the Harbor in the Storm”, that when all seems to fail, a few words of Truth, can and do Set Us Free!

A Joyous Healthy, Prosperous, Peaceful New Years Blessing upon your Person, Our Nation, The People of our Great Nation, Ukraine, and The World.

Love, Lloyd



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