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A Spiritual Re-Calibration II

”'Forgetting those things which are behind' is a part of the technique of Religious Science. These words of Paul are good therapy for spiritually-minded people. In our teaching we declare you need not be the victim of the past. The total consciousness of the past year does not have to be a major influence of your life in the year to come."

Create The Life You Want - Dr. Raymond Charles Barker



Here you have it in a nutshell. Dr. Barker did not mince words. He chose them very carefully, just like a scientist in a laboratory mixing explosives to make dynamite. He knew exactly what needed to be stated - no flowering or besieging - no platitudes or begging... “God pretty please, give me this or that.” He invites us to just be the Cause of what we want the Universe to do, and then, open our mouths and direct the Law, or think the idea of what we want within the Law of Mind to allow it to happen. The Law is the servant of Spirit, you are Spirit Individualized. Please don’t analyze it to death. Just do what Barker outlines and let the Law of Mind do what it was designed to do. As you read the concise statement in the quote above, think on it, and then follow the pattern given in the process as he has laid it out. You cannot fail to get dynamic and wonderful results. "Why?” you might ask. It is simple. When you create the Form by your declaration, the Universe, without any help from you or me, fills it with the Substance of Creation and thru a process of Evolution produces the result. This activity is referred to as the Creative Process in action by specific direction of the Individual. So stop all the hocus-pocus of not knowing what and why Creation works. Remember “In the Beginning was the Word”. You are the Word in form, so continue the Creative Process as the “Likeness of God” declaring your desires and welcoming them into form. Love, Lloyd



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