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"Take no Anxious Thought"

Jesus, The Christ - Matthew, 6:34

"..we need not be troubled about future conditions because we know that the All-originating Power is working through us and for us, and that according to the Law proved by the whole existing creation, it produces all the conditions required for the expression of the Life, Love and Beauty which it is, so that we can fully trust it to open the way as we go along.
The Great Teacher's words, "Take no thought for the morrow"—and note that the correct translation is "Take no anxious thought"— are the practical application of the soundest philosophy. This does not, of course, mean that we are not to exert ourselves. We must do our share in the work, and not expect God to do FOR us what He can only do THROUGH us.

Judge Thomas Troward - The Dore' Lectures, Chapter 2 - Individuality

Page 130, para 2 - Page 131, para 1


"Anxious? Naw.. not me!" How often I hear a remark such as this, and yet, the experience I have of many of us proves differently. Anxious thought seems very prevalent these days, so let’s talk about it, and see if we're missing an important practice that can go a long way in healing what clearly is unnecessary.

One of the causes, and a very important one is Self Doubt. A quickie cure (temporary in our use of the word) is to turn it over to someone who can do something about it. The challenge in this theory is who you turn it over to that you believe can do something about it.

I have found after nearly 55 years in this movement, only one person seems to be the most effective, and yes that is a qualified licensed Practitioner.

Practitioners know “Of themselves, they can do nothing”. But you see, they know they are not “of themselves”. They are trained and equipped to engage the greatest power in our Universe, commonly referred to as The Law Of Mind, the servant of Spirit. Therefore: Are they not, Individualized Spirit? Yes! And, SO ARE YOU!

The average person knows nothing about this Law of Mind, and thus a Biblical saying, “take no anxious thought for Tomorrow” is like saying: "Just jump off the bridge. You can fly. God will save you!"

Listen, Folks, don’t indulge yourselves in foolishness. We have a solution and it works. It’s called “Hand it Over”, let it go, and give it to someone trained to do something about it. Don’t be a know-it-all and suffer needlessly. Take advantage of your Practitioners, they're eager to take your burdens off your shoulders.

So what are you waiting for, get with it and unburden yourself to someone who can do something about it! Then get back to the things you enjoy most.

Yup, it is just that easy. If you fail to use this advice, things could prove to be very anxiety-prone!

So instead of saying "Oh No!", just say: "No... Where is my Practitioner?"

Love ya,


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