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He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death. – Job 12:22
“Good is at the root of everything, regardless of its seeming absence. But this good must be recognized. Since there is but one Spirit and this Spirit is in you and in everything, then everywhere you go you will meet this Spirit. You meet this Spirit in people, and places and in things. This one Spirit, which manifests Itself in and through all, including yourself, automatically adjusts parts to the whole. Therefore, you may accept with positive certainty that the Spirit within you does go before you and prepares your way. Your faith is placed in something positive, certain as the laws of life, exact as the principle of mathematics, ever present like the ethers of space, ever operating like the laws of nature.”

Ernest S. Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker – Richer Living - Page 257



Last week I wrote about the subject "Good". This week, I’m writing about Apathy! Is there a connection? Of course, there is!

In looking up in the dictionary the exact meaning of Apathy, it states the following: “Indifference, Lack of Emotion, Lack of Interest.” I asked myself, How in God’s name, after reading this lesson, say for today’s quote above, could anyone be Apathetic? (Please re-read the above quote by Drs. Barker and Holmes.)

Disinterested? Lack of Emotion or Indifferent to that incredible writing? If so, we have contracted: Apathy! You thought Covid was a challenge, this condition (Apathy) to a New Thought Student, believe me, is worse! And the worst part of it, so many people I know suffer from it.

You might not think so, but ask yourself, do you read the daily lesson in Richer Living? Do you read the Science of Mind textbook daily lesson by Dr Holmes as suggested on a daily basis? Do you then incorporate these inspirational lessons in your daily Treatment practice? Lastly, do you direct the Law of Mind that waits upon you for direction, with inspired Spiritual Authority? If not, why not? APATHY!

Hey gang, I’m doing my best to keep us attuned to the Truth that will set us Free. We’re in the process of arranging our Annual Mountain Top Retreat at Lake Tahoe for Oct 22nd. Are you coming? Are you excited? Will it be “GOOD” for the bones and SPIRIT? Will it bring back that Emotional Uplift? You bet it will!

So stop the “Apathy", ”get some “Good” in your Life, and let’s let the Good Times “Rock & Roll”. Invitations are soon coming,.. No Apathetic response, please!


Rev Lloyd



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