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Aspects of the Infinite Thinker

One aspect of this mind is subjective, or subconscious - that is, it has no power of choice, but must be directed into action. It is highly intelligent, has all the knowledge in the universe within it, but is not reasoning mind. It knows one thing - that is, to move in the direction to which it is directed. 
The question might be asked, as to who or what does the choosing, reasoning and directing. This is done by First Cause, or Spirit. 
If we go back, away beyond the beginning of anything that is formed, we are forced to the conclusion that the universe must have been thought-formed. Science knows that the earth could not possibly have called itself into being. The chief property of matter is inertia, that is, it has no power to move itself in any particular. Matter must always be acted upon by some form of energy outside itself. 
Every form of energy we know of in the universe is material in its source except one, namely, thought. Thought is the product of Intelligence; therefore we can safely assume that before matter flowed into form there must have been an intelligence which could cause this condensation into form. Some people call this Intelligence, God. The name does not matter - the fact of its existence does. 

Dr. Frederick Bailes - Your Mind Can Heal You - Page 24 - Para 1-4


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