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Being Thankful

Glad is the person who sees life as a spiritual experience to be lived with wisdom and from which joy can be reaped. Their heart rejoices. Their work is easy and their burden is light. Cold science with its accuracy does not evoke gratitude to the laws which it has found. In Religious Science, we praise and appreciate the Infinite Mind which acts as Law but is also the presence of Love.
We see life as the action of God, an action which frees us to our own experience. Law does not limit us. Our right use of thought and feeling makes the Law beneficent. Our wrong use of It makes us Its slave to negatives. But, our freedom to change from enslavement - to - circumstances to emancipation from circumstances is our eternal heritage. For this we give thanks, rejoice and are glad.
We should praise our freedom to create the good, negate the evil and bring to pass the desires of our hearts. Our attention should be on those things which can be and not on why we have achieved so little when so much is available. Religious Science teaches the forward look and the creative value of the spiritual use of the imagination.
All bondage is temporary, whether it be disease, lack of money, disharmony in the home or unpleasant personal relationships. A corrected and redirected consciousness will always bring to pass a corrected situation. This is the law of redirected belief which Jesus explained to his followers. If disease were a permanent evil, he could never have healed it. Knowing its temporary nature, he could dismiss it with his clear thinking of its opposite.
Jesus gave thanks to the Power which healed. He saw thanksgiving as a necessary attitude to produce the best results in life. He knew that his belief acted as a Law, yet he also knew that the Power which caused his belief was greater than he was. We should praise the Spirit, the Mind, the Law and the Love of God. Give thanks for God, and for yourself in God as Its means of expression.

Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

Create the Life You Want

Pages 65 - 66

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