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I BELIEVE in the individualization of the Spirit in me, and that all people are individualizations of the One Spirit”

Ernest S. Holmes

“I do not believe what I believe because I believe what I want to believe—because I know that all the belief in the world will not change reality, and all the unbelief will not change it either; that your opinion and my opinion haven’t a thing in the world to do with it—we are only fortunate. That is why I believe that treatment is independent of the one who gives it. It is now an entity in a field of law and will perform its office for which it was created, and nothing can stop it—unless the one who gave it denies it. He is the only one who can neutralize it. This idea that other people influence us is all nonsense. Why? Because no two things exist at the same rate of vibration and in a universe of infinity, the manifestation has to be equal to the infinity of the Manifester. You and I may not comprehend but a little of that infinity, but logically and mathematically we know it goes on and on and there is never any confinement. That is why the Talmud said, “God will doubly guide the already guided.” It is why Jesus said “to him that hath shall be given.”"

Ernest S. Holmes and George P. Bendall - The Ernest Holmes Papers - Page 163: Para 3


I chose this week’s subject, “Belief”, based on the complimentary feedback received from our first of 3 Zoom gatherings on June 11. One primary idea that was stressed - and apparently appreciated - was the importance of what Dr. Holmes wrote as the founding guidelines of “What He Believed” which is what we now embrace as “What We Believe”.

I have come to Know, not just Believe, that without a deep understanding and application of these Beliefs, no one can properly convey the greatest gift Dr. Holmes gave us: Effective and dynamic treatment.

Some Practitioners have drifted away or taken a “back seat” from their practice, simply because they are not effective in successful Treatment. Why? Because their Treatment is not intentionally grounded in this foundation, the very Soul of the matter. And what is that? It is the incorporation, as Dr. Holmes demonstrated in every treatment he gave, of What We Believe.

This is a resource that is provided by all of our centers, and, for your convenience, we have made a page for it on my website here: What We Believe.

Make it a part of your practice to affirm and embody this just before you do your daily Treatments. The result will be nothing short of miraculous!

Let's do it!

Rev Lloyd

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The remaining sessions are - July 9, and August 13.

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