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"Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.”

Proverbs 4:26

We may ask: “Established in what?” I, Lloyd Tupper, say: “Established in Benevolence."

“Religion is a life — a feeling we have to the Universe. It is a way of thinking and acting. It is a secret we have with each other. It is something that reveals us to each other in love, in purity — and I am not speaking of purity in the ethical sense; I am speaking of the pure sacrifice, where the reality stands out — where we have nothing to sell and do not wish to buy anything; and where we live a life which I believe no one can tell us much about, other than to say, ’This is the Way.’ I believe everyone will have to find the most of it; that is why we never give formulas. David didn’t give a formula. He said, ‘Practice this kind of a thing and that kind of a thing.’ “

Ernest S. Holmes - The Ernest Holmes Papers, Volume 3 - Ideas of Power

We may ask: Practice what kind of a thing?" I, Lloyd Tupper, say: “Practice Benevolence!"


The very word Benevolence calls forth from us all “Acts of Kindness” without too much intellectual pondering. Simply, it engenders in us all to "think beyond where our immediate needs may be, and become our Brother’s and Sister’s keepers.” As we enter the beginning of the Hanukkah and Christmas season today, I am reminded to be less concerned about my needs, and more concerned about the countless others of the world, including Ukraine, Syria, Somalia, and other war-torn countries too numerous to list. I ask each of us to make a move to Benevolence this Holiday Season. The United Nations has food programs for all countries listed above and more. They each and collectively have overwhelming needs that require our help through our acts of Benevolent Giving and Sharing our Abundant “Storehouses of Plenty.” Dear friends, It’s time to rally around the real meaning of the Season. Give of one’s self and one’s treasures. Dollars have become the accepted currency throughout the world and we can share ours to make a difference. To a hungry child, it could be a “..night of sweet sleep” having eaten their fill of a nourishing meal.

Thus I ask, Please Let the bells toll: Benevolence, and Peace, Good Will to All, And to All, A Peaceful Night!





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