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Born Again?

"...whatever the divine pattern of reality and eternal perfection and changeless wholeness, individual in each one of us—whatever it is, we accept it and permit it to appear at the surface, unclouded, complete, perfect, whole. Now this means we accept whatever the divine pattern is for each one of us. It is a cosmic pattern individualized in and through each one of us in a unique way. We accept that, and we know there is nothing that has ever happened in our experience to reject it.
It doesn’t get born; it doesn’t get dead; it doesn’t grow old; it doesn’t change; but it makes everything change all the time—the action within the action. Now we reject every belief that in any way limits the enthusiasm for life or the zest for life or the activity of life or the degrees of age or change in the reality of life, because not one of them has any truth in it. We establish in our own consciousness and our own acceptance, and project in our own experience, that which is eternally being born from the unborn."

Ernest S. Holmes - Healing Awareness, The Ernest Holmes Papers

Page 169, para 2


“..that which is being eternally being born from the unborn." Or you might say...that which is being Caused to be born because it is Life and more abundant Life. If this is, as Dr, Holmes states above, what then is our role in this Creative Process?

My mentor, teacher, and friend Dr. Raymond Charles Barker would have us believe (and I do), that ”God does not give us things”. Rather, God gives us Its Ideas, which once accepted and embodied by us, become the means to produce what we call particular Things. If we are grounded sufficiently in our Science of Mind Principles, we know that the Thing we desire should align Itself with greater degrees of Life. And yes, more abundant Life for ourselves and all who would receive.

We make the Mold from the inspired Ideas streaming from what Dr. Holmes called the unborn. These Ideas are seeking a recipient to receive them and act upon them. You could go so far as to say, God’s Ideas for the continued expansion of Life, Its Life, and can be ours should we choose these Ideas for ourselves. It is the purpose for why we were Incarnated, not to merely exist, but to be Dispensers of God’s Heavenly Good. These ideas come unborn and ready to take form if we carry them like a child in a womb.

Reread the lesson from Ernest above. Let it resonate in you, and think it through. To me, it became my turning point in This Thing Called Life. I ceased to exist, I began to Live, and opportunities more than I could ever imagine came knocking on my door.

The Evangelist might have said: ”Lloyd has been born again!”, but we know that all Lloyd did was to become still, opened his use of Mind to be receptive, and God’s Ideas came through. And, it nearly blew his socks off!

“Be Still and Know.”

Love ya, Lloyd

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