“The only concentration necessary in the best use of Mind is specific mental attention and complete mental acceptance. Always remember that you are not dealing with a reluctant Force but with a completely receptive one which, by Its very nature, is compelled to receive the images of your thought. It has no other choice and can conceive no other. You make up Its mind for It."

Ernest Holmes – The Science of Mind Textbook

Page 397 Para 5 - 398 Para 1


Be yourself in using The Mind of God and your Individualization of It. The Law of Mind is the servant of Spirit. You are Spirit, so use what is being offered. (The Law of Mind)

Timidity does not work here. BE BOLD! It’s also unbecoming for an Ageless, Deathless,

Joint Heir of God, to become a Wilting Violet when it comes to Speaking The Word with Spiritual Authority!


Rev. Lloyd

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