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“There is no judgment, no condemnation, no fear, and no doubt in my mind. I condemn no one and no thing, not even myself. Forgetting that which is past and having no fear of the future, I live today as though the new heaven and the new earth were already an accomplished fact in my experience. I live in harmony with people and with all the situations that surround me. I see and feel the presence of good running through everything. I have complete faith that this divine presence will reveal itself to me in every thought, in every word, and in every act.”

Ernest S. Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker – Richer Living - Page 139

I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions…
For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

Isaiah 44:22, 65:17



You might ask, if the above is true (and I believe it is), why then do we, on a regular basis, feel like a weight is on our shoulders, and it seems that nothing and no one can help rid us of our dilemma? We need simply ask ourselves: Who or what do we refuse to forgive? There are the people we’ve condemned and choose never to forgive, (including ourselves) even though “our sins are forgiven”. Scripture tells us “Our sins will be remembered no more”. God forgives us, but why can’t we simply bring ourselves to forgive others?

I believe the answer lies, in my experience, with our Self Righteousness and Condemnation. They are ever-present in our lives, but counterproductive to a Spiritual life. Actually, they produce sickness in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Holding on to being "dead right" and judgemental hardly befits an Heir to the Kingdom of God.

So why not give the grace of forgiveness to oneself, thereby making it far easier to knock down the Mountains of Condemnation of others?

This, my friends will make it far easier to reach the pinnacles of peace and happiness, and The Green Valleys Beyond.

Give it a try!!

Solace awaits you.


Rev Lloyd



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