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“...cast behind you all conformity, and acquaint men at first hand with Deity.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I ACCEPT myself as the outlet of the infinite. I believe in my divine origin, my persistent inspiration, and my destiny of good. I know that God gives freely of Himself to all, and my share is great. In me the Divine is seeking to create new trains of causation, which will enrich me and increase the good of all who know me. The power which spoke through Moses, Isaiah and Jesus is the power which acts through me. I have within me all the creative powers of spiritual genius, and I accept them and use them this day. What others have done in the past, I can do now, and even greater works can I do."

Ernest S. Holmes - Raymond Charles Barker - Richer Living Page 161: Para 1


“I acquaint men at first hand with Deity.” Well if that be true for Ralph Waldo Emerson, dost thou dare, to include me and you? Well since we’re quoting the great minds of the past, I recall a quote from Dr. Holmes that states: ”Thank God the God most people believe in, Isn’t.”

This was one of the greatest statements I had ever heard some 50-plus years ago, on my entry to what we now call New Thought. It defined for me what I had searched for most of my life up until that point in relation to this “Thing called God”. To put it mildly, it was about as far in non Conformity, to anything I had heard before, and still, it rings true. Basically, it freed me to acquaint myself with a God that I could relate to, and one that simply made common sense.

God to me had to be personal, and yet It also had to be practical in order for me to embrace it with my whole heart and soul. This did not happen all at once, and yet my moment of non Conformity was soon to befall me, and how, I found or was found, by the Judge himself. Yup, Thomas Troward entered my life, and I am happy to say, he gave me the link I needed to clarify my God, and bring him home to my heart and Soul.

Nothing has moved me more than his simple clarification on Individuality, his chapter 2 of the Dore Lectures-which is available to all here: {click here to read} Please read it if you're able, as I will use it for our scheduled Zoom call this coming Saturday, July 9th. (There's still time to Register!)

Join me in this next session. My goal will be to simply to make Troward simple, in fact as simple as A, B, C... as Non-Conforming as humanly possible, and the offering of a True and Lasting love affair you have ever been offered.

Are you with me, NonConformists???


Rev Lloyd



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