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Death and Immortality

“Death is not in the essence of man's creation, but supervened as the consequence of an inverted mode of thinking.”

Thomas Troward – The Law and the Word - Chapter VII Para 2

"...I cannot base my hopes of immortality on the revelation of anyone but myself. So far as I am concerned, nothing can exist to me unless I am aware of it. While I believe in other men’s revelations, I am sure only of my own. I look upon the belief in immortality neither as a vague dream, nor a forlorn hope, but as a proven fact. One cannot doubt that which he knows to be so, and why should he deny the evidence of his senses, his reason and his personal experiences, in one field more than in another?
Immortality, or the continuation of personal existence beyond this life, has been so completely demonstrated to me that it would be unthinkable for me to assume an opposite position, even for the purpose of debate. Here, within myself, is something that knows. Here is something that knows that it IS, and knows that life itself moves with a tide as irresistible as the recurring seasons."

Ernest S. Holmes – The Science of Mind - Page 386 - Para 3



Oh, come on Lloyd, “ Death and Immortality“?, what in the world (and beyond) are you up to?

It has long been known by many of you dear people, that I’m one, who has repeatedly insisted we talk on this perceived taboo subject. Given its major implications with regard to healthy, joyous active longevity, etc., we do need to talk without the horror generally associated with mature aging prior to transition. I do this spontaneously with many of my clients - Practitioners, students, clergy, and lay persons. Those of you who have attended a Celebration of Life service which I have conducted, know exactly what I believe for those continuing their unfoldment in this earthly incarnation and beyond.

Speaking of Belief, many of us who read daily, The Beliefs of Dr. Ernest Holmes, are able to repeat on demand the following:

“I Believe in the Eternality, the Immortality and the continuity of the Individual Soul, forever and ever, expanding.”

Even better yet, when asked at a memorial he attended, if Dr. Holmes believed in the Principal of Immortality, his reply was:

”Of course I do, I've met too many of these fine people at their own funerals.”

Consider the forgoing an invitation to our third and final Zoom presentation for "So...Let's Really Talk!! on this Saturday, August 13th from 10 am to 1 pm. It is devoted to the subject matter joyously! I know, yes, not just think, it’s destined to be one of my best Reflections. Sorry, no modesty here, after all, I have great Expectations for this life on Earth and Beyond!


Rev Lloyd



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