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Demonstration or Delusion?

“…and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it…”

Malachi 3:10

“We mean by demonstration, bringing into our experience something which we had not experienced before; bringing it in as the result of conscious thought; and unless it is possible to do this, our whole science is a mistake and a delusion. Unless there is a Divine Principle, Universal Soul or Subjectivity, or Medium, which, of Itself – without any help or assistance – can produce things, and will, then there is nothing in this teaching. But there is a Divine Principle; and what It does for us It must do through us. Our part in the demonstration is to set the word in motion, thus compelling, through The Law of Subjectivity, the result or manifestation."

Ernest S. Holmes - The Science of Mind Textbook - Page 299/300: Para 2/1


What differentiates we who are practicing Science of Mind Principles from other faiths' prayer practice, primarily I believe, is “Wishful Thinking”. Who amongst us did not start out wishing, hoping, and yes, let’s face it, manipulating God as we understood God, to get our prayers answered? We also, often, then gave the script to God with instructions on just how to answer these prayers.

This is what I believe Dr. Holmes called Delusional! I doubt he would ever come out and directly call it Delusional as I’ve just written. But at least for me, and maybe you also, what else could we call that, while being rational about how we know that prayers are really answered? Most everyone I encounter among our SOM ranks knows our prayers our very unique compared to most. Note: I did not say Better. For our sakes, (note: not God’s) we even change the name to Treatments, which distinguishes us from most common prayer techniques. For example, we know the how and why “the answer to Prayer is in the Prayer” is not quite understood or embraced by the general prayer Public. This is not so for what we call ”New Thought Thinkers”, such as ourselves. We know, not just wish, a technique to have our prayers answered. Yes, it’s in the principles of our faith that gives us this certainty. In fact, if you reread the scripture above quoted by Malachi 3:10, we could finish the saying by adding: Given we Believe “It’s God’s Good Pleasure to Give Us the Kingdom” and we understand how that Kingdom (meaning every good thing) is brought about thru a Demonstration of Universal Law’s which God uses. We may not be specially perceived in the eyes of God and our fellow Humans; however, we are unique. This earth and this life, including we who study “This Thing Called Life”, and know how it works, WORK It! Let Us All Give Thanks, the Kingdom is still being Demonstrated daily and we know how and why. “The answer is in the Prayer which equals Demonstration. So, let’s Treat “With Understanding” and gracious appreciation for our Blessings. Love, Rev. Lloyd



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