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Doing the Right Thing

“Religion in the mind is not credulity, and in practice is not form. It is a life. It is the order and soundness of a man. It is not something else to be got, to be added, but is a new life of those faculties you have. It is to do right.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



As we enter the annual celebration of the birth of Christ and reflect on the promise of the Christ Spirit returning once again, it is, of course, Christmastime. I am reminded of the deeper message of this pageantry, replayed in some form in most parts of the world, but often missing the deeper meaning. I believe the deeper meaning to be that we, once again, receive the Great Example in Jesus who became the Christ and inspire ourselves to be like Him, to live our life like He lived His. In simple terms, “to do the right thing” as purely as we understand it. Might I suggest that last week’s Reflection was, to me, the real meaning of the Christmas Spirit and doing the right thing? Benevolence, my topic from last week, is the way to put the life of Christ into the world. Josh, our wonderful team member, added a couple of embedded links into the Reflection that make following up with divine, benevolent action easy for you.

These two websites, on which you can share your Christ-like nature by giving, bring home the meaning of the season. Please consider this way to duplicate the true meaning of a Christ-like life. We can’t necessarily feed thousands from the Master’s Loaves and Fishes but we sure can answer the call of our starving brothers and sisters who would receive the benefits of our contribution. Please click on these links and allow your Christ nature to share benevolently.

Do the right thing this Christmastime.


Karyl and Lloyd

Rev. Karyl Huntley-Sadler

Rev. Dr. Lloyd George Tupper



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