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“There is an ear that listens to everything we think and vibrates back to us the likeness of what we thought; but because it is attuned to the infinite harmony, the range of its listening is limitless.
To Jesus, it was just as natural to raise the dead as it is for us to lie down if we feel a little tired. Turning the water into wine was just a gesture of his hand. He knew of the absoluteness of the Law of Mind in action; he knew that the whole vast universe is a meditation of God and that all the galaxies and all the laws and everything that govern it are individuated from the Mind that sleeps in a grain of sand, to wake to some kind of simple consciousness perhaps in a rose, a little more than in an animal, and a little more in man, and on and on the and on to beings as much beyond us as we are, or perhaps as Jesus himself was, beyond a tadpole—and the whole thing is a living system.
And since it is Intelligence that responds to intelligence, and since its response must of necessity be by correspondence, the Law of the Universe is to us what we are to it. The God of the Universe is more than we appear to be to It; therefore “Ever as the spiral grew, he left the old house for the new."

Ernest S. Holmes - The Ernest Holmes Papers - Healing Awareness - Page 192 - Para 3 - Page 193 Para 1



I am very interested to know (maybe you might take the time to write me): What was your response to the above? How did it make you Feel? There is an intelligence in you that Responds to the intelligence of the Universe that can evoke a profound feeling: Something inside might say: "This is really important stuff, I can feel it! It's like I own it!" In this instance, your left-brain grasp is not necessary.

In broadcasting and other fields, this is referred to as the "KISS method": “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. This doesn't apply universally, but, I certainly think it does in the above. How does this work? Again, the Spirit in you responds to Itself when the Truth is spoken and heard by The Spirit (yes the very same Spirit) in another.

Why do we sometimes, myself included, make it so difficult? We can lose the good stuff as we try to cerebrally and intellectually wrestle with it. Do we not believe that “There is one life, that life is God, and that Life is My Life, AND that Life is your Life Now”? Think it out: One, One, One!

Read the closing line again. “Ever as the spiral grew, he (or she) left the old house for the new.” Now think about your Feeling-Response to that message. My Spirit affirms that I, Lloyd Tupper am rising up that spiral to the new in a constant cycle of transcendence! What does that mean exactly? What does the Spiral look like? I don't know... I don't have to. I just feel it. Each and every understanding that is Felt causes us to respond to a higher (Spiral) level.

From the grain of sand.. to the tadpole.. to the brilliant Avatar that you are: One, One, One!

And so it IS.

Love, Lloyd

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1 Comment

Peggy Shinn
Peggy Shinn
Nov 26, 2022

Deep calls to Deep, I feel that correspondence when I answer the call however it seems to le to clue me in to it. And the correspondence of ”what we see is what we get,” in how the universe and our lives respond to us “as we see it” because what we are looking FOR we are looking WITH.” What better TRUTH is there than this to inspire us to aspire to uplevel our conscious to improve our perceptions, to see better in order to better See.


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