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The key to all spiritual healing of body problems is a change of belief and deep affirmative knowing in consciousness. There is no mystery to spiritual mind healing. It works for anyone who applies its simple techniques. Pure and perfect Mind does not know your age, your religious beliefs, your errors or your virtues. It only knows you as Its beloved action of consciousness. It responds to your thought and acts upon it. It is not owned by any one religious system. It is available to all who want Its healing balm.
God as unlimited and unconditioned Mind can do the impossible and the unexpected. It does not know that one illness is difficult to heal and another is easy to heal. It has no gradations and is not under any law of comparisons. Its healing, perfecting activity is in every individual's consciousness. But It can only move into action when there is an awareness of It and a desire on your part to be healed. Where there is no belief in It, It cannot heal. When you decide to be healed by the action of Truth, there is an immediate response of fresh life, health and healing.
God responds to your receptivity and your new expectancy. It knows what to do, how to do it and does it, provided It has your complete cooperation in right and affirmative knowing. In your thought and speech deny any and all doubts as to Its ability, power and presence. It is always where you are. This divine action doesn’t know your problem. It only knows you as perfect expression of its total Being.

Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

Spiritual Healing For Today

Pages 33-34


So...LET'S TALK....!!


Intelligence built the body with the intention of having it always function perfectly. Sickness is man’s interference with this intention. Intelligence always contemplates the body as being in a perfect state, and works tirelessly to obliterate anything that would threaten the harmonious life of the body, or indeed of any single cell in the body. Health is nothing but a harmonious interrelation of every part of the body. Sickness is merely the breaking of this harmony.

Harmony is the keynote of the universe. Everything in the universe throbs with a steady, harmonious rhythm. Any disturbance of this rhythm spells unhappiness.

Dr. Fredrick Bailes - Your Mind Can Heal You - Pages 82-83


The one Life, God, which is perfect and indestructible, created me out of Itself. It created me with definite purpose to express spiritual and physical health for all the years I am around this great world. I accept health as a spiritual gift. I maintain it with wisdom. I keep my thinking healthy and my consciousness in harmony so that all I want to do I am able to do. I refuse to make myself sick with worry and fear.
New creative ideas fill my consciousness with new thinking and planning. These are health to my mind. They are mental food, nourishing ideals and expectancies. They take away stress and strain. They reassure me of all the good that is mine when I accept and praise it. I know I am the Life of God. I know I am worthy of health in all its forms. I am known by others as a healthy individual. I am vitally and joyously alive.
I check my consciousness to be sure it is health-motivated and health-interested. I refuse to let world thought of possible illness ever have entrance to my thinking. I know my health is spiritual and divine and always will be. I give thanks that this is so because it is so.

Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

Spiritual Healing For Today

Page 115 - 116


Disclaimer: The teachings and interpretations contained in this series are personal for me in my life and are not intended to represent or rewrite any of Dr. Holmes's teachings or the teachings of Centers for Spiritual Living. Any repurpose or rebroadcast of these reflections to those who would use them intelligently is highly recommended.

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