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"Mind as Law is HELPLESS without direction. It has nowhere to go and nothing to do of Itself. IT MUST BE DIRECTED OR IT WILL DO NOTHING OF PERMANENT WORTH FOR MAN. Mind as Law is an abstraction, merely a possibility. Man is a concrete knower; he is the consciousness of Spirit, individualized, the personality of God multiplied.
Spiritual man is One with Spiritual God. Spirit operates through man as self-knowingness and this makes man distinct and different from all other creations so far as mentality is concerned. Mind as Law is unconscious Intelligence and lives only through man. It is his to command, his servant. It has no desire of Its own. Man is its desire, will and purpose."

Ernest Holmes - The Science of Mind Textbook

Page 396 Para 3


Who amongst us cannot feel HELPLESS given the conditions which are playing out in Ukraine. The very word helpless, as Dr. Holmes points out in the above lesson strikes the chord of absolute truth. When there is a call to arms, a new thought thinker, like ourselves, must be reminded we are not HELPLESS. We have, at our disposal, far beyond any invention called machines of war, the greatest power that exists in the universe. ITS NAME IS “THE LAW OF MIND"! The question is, at a time like this, do we recall this truth or do we retreat into a state of HELPLESSness. If you have never thought of how powerful this Omni-present Law is, then the time to use it has now arrived! Mind is all-powerful and it waits on us for direction.

Obviously, we who are conscious students in what is referred to as New Thought, can bear the arms of love and utilize the greatest power that exists (Mind) and indeed do our part. We are blessed that we can do it from within the comfort of our borders. However, do not become complacent. Always follow the directions of Dr. Holmes. Boldly use this power for the people of Ukraine. They are calling on us to do our part. Now is the time to step forward and speak The Word.

Have it reveal peace among Men of goodwill.

Rev. Lloyd



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