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“…If I honor myself, my honor is nothing: it is my Father that honoreth me…"

John 8:54

"IF I honor myself alone, not realizing that I am one with the divine presence, then I shall quickly exhaust the small portion of good that I, as a human being, can at any one moment contain. But if I honor the presence of God in me, of God around and through me, of God in and through everything, then I am indeed honoring the presence of God, for one Spirit is over all, in all and through all, and one presence is all.
There can be no separation from this presence, no apartness, no division. It is one, complete and total, equally distributed and everywhere available. To feel this presence in things, in people and in human events, and to sense that it is all-inclusive, really is to honor God and to provide in one’s own self a place where the Divine can go forth anew into creation."

Raymond Charles Barker and Ernest S. Holmes - 365 Days of Richer Living

Page 80 - para 1


What better place to fulfill this lesson on Honor, than being a Practitioner?

One of my constant reminders to students (and of course to myself) is to Honor WHO we are, WHAT we’re about, and WHY we do what we do. As Thomas Troward said: “We are Devine Distributors of The Heavenly Good.” And, we distribute that Good through Spiritual Mind Treatment. This Truth is so important to embody as we fulfill our role in our movement and on our personal journeys. It is also the most sacred aspect of what we do.

So what’s the point here? I am reminding us to simply Honor the Privilege we’re being afforded. If we don’t, our Prayers become hollow, our certainty (or expectation) falters, and our Purpose in Life begins to wither.

As Jesus seems to imply in JOHN 8, we are not SEEKING honor for ourselves. Rather, we are GIVING it by “Honoring” the truth or our calling. Our function has Honor built into it. We recognize that Limitless, Abounding, Divine Presence that flows through us and distribute that good. We didn’t put it in, but we "pour it out".

So, let’s live in that Truth and Pour it Out!


Rev. Lloyd



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