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Ignorance - Part I

“I don’t believe our movement is worth a dime unless something happens.

The Anatomy of Healing Prayer, The Holmes Papers

Page 278, para 2 line 2/3

"One cannot be a good student of the Science of Mind who is filled with fear and confusion. He must keep himself in a state of equilibrium, in a state of poise, peace and confidence ... in a state of spiritual understanding. By spiritual understanding, is not meant anything strange or unnatural, but merely that the belief in goodness must be greater than any apparent manifestation of its opposite. It is this science of faith we are seeking to uncover—a definite technique that will conduct our minds through a process of thought, if necessary, to that place which the sublime minds of all ages have reached by direct intuition.
There is no one who believes more in faith, more in prayer, or more in the necessity of the Divine Will being done, than he who practices daily the Science of Mind. He has relieved his mind of the morbid sense that the Will of God can be the will of suffering; for if there were a suffering God, and if we are eternal beings, then we should suffer through all eternity. But a suffering God is an impossibility. We suffer because we are not in both conscious and subjective communication with the affirmative side of the Universe. All human misery is a result of IGNORANCE and nothing but knowledge can free us from this IGNORANCE and its effect."

Ernest S. Holmes - The Science of Mind Textbook

Page 160 - para 2 and 3


Purposely my comments are very brief this week.

Dr. Holmes has said it all. There is more, however, we can add on given the importance of the subject matter. Not too many people, even so-called “Old Timers” (Yes, like me), can say: “I KNOW” that their prayers will be answered. WHY? Simply put, this week's subject: “IGNORANCE”.

This subject is so important, I've broken it down into two parts. This week is part 1. Please make notes on the subject of Answered Prayer (AKA TREATMENTS), for our future live seminars in June, July, and August. This is your homework for the now newly RESURRECTED YOU!

Rev. Lloyd



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