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Ignorance - Part II

“All human misery is the result of human Ignorance; and, nothing but knowledge can free us from this ignorance and its effect.”

Ernest S. Holmes - The Science of Mind Textbook

Page 160 - para 4


In response to this and last week's quote by our beloved Dr. Holmes, I’d say, without a doubt, Ernest did indeed say a mouthful. Especially in the quote above that is worthy of repeating, because it is the Truth.

That being so, what’s the knowledge according to Dr. Holmes that somehow we may have failed to appreciate, or have not successfully incorporated into our life? If we find ourselves disappointed, frustrated, and yes, in misery.. surely it is not always. However, in those times when it is present, do I dare say it can be a living hell.

I may be a bit arrogant, but I’m going to say this is one of your finest days. Why? Because, in my 54 years as a student of this great philosophy, I've come to know that we are by no means alone in this quandary of applying these principles. We were so excited when we first came into the Science of Mind Fold, we now ask ourselves: What’s happened? Where’s my Zest for living I once had? Is this all there is? Will I ever understand sufficiently so as to feel like I once did about this"Thing Called Life”?

Don’t fret one moment more. Get out of that Misery and come be with us "Mountaineers". We will show you how to get that Zip in your walk and Talk! I will get you beneath the Frosting of our beliefs, and like that old ad, we will find the real meat of when we say, “This is What We Believe”!

Yup, I’m not bragging about what these Principles can do if fully understood at a depth level. Only then can they be easily incorporated into your daily life. And you will, believe me, understand them - because that is the Purpose of this Ministry. Clear and practical methods of incorporating the GREAT PRINCIPLES we BELIEVE, WORK, and LIVE BY!

So start now getting your questions ready. Begin with reading What We Believe (see textbook). List what you don’t understand and want more clarity on, and once and for all put Ignorance and Misery where they belong!

To address all your questions in-depth, we will be having three zoom teaching sessions on June 11, July 9, and August 13 at 10 am PST. Further details will be provided soon. You can leave your questions and topics in the form below.

Then, in late September, we go live at The Mountaintop Events Venue, located at the Rouda Roost Lakeside Estate in Tahoe City.

I am excited about this transformation! Let’s trim misery and ignorance down to size! We can do this! Get on board!


The Rev



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