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Ignorance - Part III

“A little knowledge of Treatment is A Dangerous Thing.”
Raymond Charles Barker - Treat Yourself to Life - Page 81 - Para 3
"Discord, misery, and unhappiness are the result of a misuse of our true nature, the result of ignorance. Ignorance of the law excuses no one from its effects; but knowledge clothes us in the seamless robe, while wisdom puts the ring of completion on our finger and understanding feeds us with the fat of the land.
No one who has tried this has failed; it would be impossible to do so. If any have thought they have failed, let them realize that somewhere they have fallen short of the divine calling. The Truth cannot fail, for it is God, the Absolute and Unconditioned One, who is the Truth."

Ernest S. Holmes - Science of Mind Textbook Page 471 - Para 2 - 3


To begin, I had no idea what kind of effect this innocent word called “Ignorance” would provoke once I began my research on its meaning as generally perceived. In this now third issue on the topic, I want to emphasize that it has nothing to do with stupidity or dumbness. It does, however, describe a lack of information, knowledge, and comprehension.

In my quest to better understand the effect of this lack in relation to Science of Mind as a daily practice, I was able to put together why some people, especially those people who have become Licensed Practitioners, often distance themselves, having co-created an experience of feeling unfulfilled due to benevolent ignorance as described above. This distancing, or even severing, can be detrimental to both those individuals and to those of us who are still here or "In the fold". It can sometimes feel to us like "our" failure.

But, as Dr. Holmes states above "No one has failed", however, "Something has failed". It is much more productive when we can address it that way. In these three upcoming Zoom sessions on June 11, July 9, and August 13th, I believe that I can lead us to a place where we can truly Heal in Spirit and in Practice from this so-called "failure" once and for all.

It all begins with “A little knowledge of treatment being a dangerous thing.” as written by Dr. Raymond Charles Barker. In this group and in these sessions, we will not stop at "A little knowledge". We will draw upon Dr. Barker's legendary clarity and success in giving Spiritual Mind Treatment. I intend to give you the full benefit of what I've learned from my beloved friend and mentor, eliminating once and for all to any degree what may be considered “Ignorance” to successful Treatment.

The question I pose is: Will You Be Present to Receive The Gift?

I trust you will.


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June 11, July 9, and August 13.



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