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"Individuality is the necessary complement of the Universal Spirit. The whole problem of life consists in finding the true relation of the individual to the Universal Originating Spirit; and the first step towards ascertaining this is to realize what the Universal Spirit must be in itself. We have already done this to some extent, and the conclusions we have arrived at are:
  • That the essence of the Spirit is Life, Love, and Beauty.

  • That its Motive, or primary moving impulse, is to express the Life, Love and Beauty which it feels itself to be.

  • That the Universal cannot act on the plane of the Particular except by becoming the particular, that is by expression through the individual.

If these three axioms are clearly grasped, we have got a solid foundation from which to start our consideration of the subject for today: The first question that naturally presents itself is: If these things be so, why does not every individual express the life, love, and beauty of the Universal Spirit?
The answer to this question is to be found in the Law of Consciousness. We cannot be conscious of anything except by realizing a certain relation between it and ourselves. It must affect us in some way, otherwise we are not conscious of its existence; and according to the way in which it affects us we recognize ourselves as standing related to it. It is this self-recognition on our own part carried out to the sum total of all our relations, whether spiritual, intellectual, or physical, that constitutes our realization of life.
On this principle, then, for the REALIZATION of its own Livingness, the production of centres of life, through its relation to which this conscious realization can be attained, becomes a necessity for the Originating Mind. Then it follows that this realization can only be complete where the individual has perfect liberty to withhold it; for otherwise no true realization could have taken place.

Thomas Troward - The Doré Lectures - Chapter 2 - Para 1-3



There is little to add to this incredible lesson by The Judge.

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