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Intelligence manifests itself by responsiveness, and the whole action of the cosmic mind in bringing the Evolutionary process from its first beginnings up to its present human stage is nothing else but a continual intelligent response to the demand which each stage in the progress has made for an adjustment between itself and its environment.
Since, then, we have recognized the presence of a universal Intelligence permeating all things, we must also recognize a corresponding responsiveness hidden deep down in their nature and ready to be called into action when appealed to.
All mental treatment depends on this responsiveness of Spirit in its lower degrees to higher degrees of itself. It is here that the difference between the mental scientist and the uninstructed person comes in; the former knows of this responsiveness and makes use of it, and the latter cannot use it because he does not know it."

Thomas Troward - The Edinburgh Lectures - Chapter II - Page 13



“Act as if it were so, and so it shall become .”

Who has not heard some version of this phrase, and thought ”Naw, I don’t think so!"? I can recall vividly, this was a favorite expression of many “Christian Devotees”, but it did not prove itself to me. It felt like an empty promise that I was to believe it as cannon - but I couldn't believe it as I had no explanation or demonstration of it being true. So, the search began.

Then came along Ernest S Holmes in 1967 which lead me to Judge Thomas Troward in 1972. I had just finished the then 3rd-year study (30 weeks ) of Consciousness from the Science of Mind perspective, and whammy, the above Troward quote on INTELLIGENCE, knocked me on my proverbial butt! I thought the sky had opened, and God’s booming voice had announced that I too was INTELLIGENT - and nothing, and no one, could ever convince me otherwise! “Act as if it were so, and so it shall become .” took on a whole new meaning and I have been converted to being a Trowardian junkie to this day.

Just read the quote from Troward above again, think it through, and see what it is saying to you. Then, when we are on the Mountaintop, ask me to explain its meaning, and you too will fly by the seat of your bloomers, forever henceforward... you INTELLIGENT geniuses!


Rev Lloyd

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