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Involution and Evolution

God is Universal Intelligence or Spirit. The only way Intelligence can move is by an interior movement. God must move within God, if God is ALL. He moves within and upon Himself. It is evident that the movement back of the objective world must be a subjective movement—a movement of consciousness. It is necessary, then, that whatever movement takes place, it MUST take place within and upon the One; and it follows that whatever is created, is created out of this One.
God moves upon God. This is the starting point of Creation. Every time one conceives an idea, it is God expressing Himself. He is eternally knowing, and eternally known, through everyone. It is God’s nature to know and there is an emotional craving, or desire for expression, inherent in the Universe. There is a Universal Law obeying the Will of Spirit. This is the Law through which that which is involved, evolves. We, as conscious Spirit, set a Universal Law in motion which makes things from ideas. The Spirit INVOLVES, the Law EVOLVES. The Law does not know that It is evolving; it is Its nature to evolve and this nature is mechanical.
Evolution, then, is not a thing in itself; it is an effect. Behind all objective form, there is a subjective likeness which exactly balances and is the prototype of the form. The thing involved perfectly balances the thing evolving from it. Evolution is the time and the process through which Spirit unfolds! In so far as any individual understands this mental Law, he is able to use it. We must learn how It works and comply with the way It works. Always, It is an obedient servant. As a man sows, so also shall he reap. Involution and evolution, the thought and the thing, the Word and the Law, the purpose and the execution ... this is the sequence.

Ernest S. Holmes - The Science of Mind - Page 339, Para 4 - Page 340, Para 1-2

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Disclaimer: The teachings and interpretations contained in this series are personal for me in my life and are not intended to represent or rewrite any of Dr. Holmes's teachings or the teachings of Centers for Spiritual Living. Any repurpose or rebroadcast of these reflections to those who would use them intelligently is highly recommended.

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Thank you for this, my dear Lloyd. The truth you spoke can set my poor mind and heart free concerning the conflict in the Middle East.


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