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Because all people have believed in lack a law of human thought has been made which binds the race. Limitation is the result of an ignorant use of the Law. Every advance in any science proves this to be true. The real Law is one of freedom. By that freedom we bind ourselves until we learn how to change the thought and by so doing to change the limitation into freedom. The two are merely a different use of the One Law."

Ernest S. Holmes – Science of Mind Textbook - Page 402 - Para 4

"Limitation is a condensation of the idea of want. Mind accepts this idea as though it were true and then makes it true in our experience. It is not always easy to see this nor is it easy to rise above it, but it can be done and we should begin at once to control our thought patterns in such a way that they will produce plenty instead of lack.

Ernest S. Holmes – Science of Mind Textbook - Page 403 - Para 2



Recently I had an opportunity to talk with the person whom I call "The High Priestess of Religious Science", our beloved Reverend Doctor Marilyn Leo about this position of a “Human Law that Binds the Race.” We both decided a more effective decrepit-ion would be to use "World Opinion", rather than "Human Race Opinion”. I found a Short-Cut to understanding the subject "World Opinion" on Limitation which I did not have to attend Oxford University for - and I will give this to you now! Simply, I freed myself from "World Opinion Limitation" with “The Hundredth Monkey Theory” written by Ken Keys, (buy the Book for only $5.00 Amazon) wherein this whole theory of "World Opinion" could be understood, and Limitation would greatly be eliminated as a result. I ask you, would you take the time to buy and read it? If you can't - I will send it to you! Let no more Limitation because of "World Opinion" bind you. Just follow directions and buy the darn book! It’s a very small book, with a Billion dollar solution that will bring "World’s Limitation" to an eventual ending. That’s’s that good. I know, because it freed me big time.

Wouldn’t you know, it took a monkey to show me the way. She will show you too!

Love Limitless,

Rev Lloyd



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