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Not Two - But ONE MIND!

We know that there are not many minds; that is, that each individual does not have a separate mind apart from the mind of his neighbor and apart from the Universal Mind. WE know that there is just One All-embracing Mind in the universe, and that what we call our individual minds are just that amount of Universal Mind that we are using when we think.
We know that it is impossible for that One Mind to be both sick and well at the same time. We know that other persons are well in the same Mind in which the sufferer believes himself (or herself) to be sick. A fountain cannot send forth at the same time both sweet water and bitter; therefore, either well people are not well, or sick people are not sick. Both cannot be speaking the truth when describing their opposite physical states. And from what we have learned from the universe, we know that health is normal while sickness is abnormal.
Further, we know that the Law of Mind is a Law of Reflection. We know that Mind works ceaselessly. Back and forth moves the shuttle of Mind working the particles of matter into a physical pattern, and this pattern is the exact reproduction of the mental pattern held before it.
Since the sufferer is holding a pattern of sickness, the practitioner must hold a pattern of health; and by speaking our word with confidence in the obedience of the Universal Subjective Mind, we are thereby able to direct this Giant Worker to follow our pattern rather than that of the patient.

Frederick Bailes

Your Mind Can Heal Y ou

P-88 - Para 5 - Page 89 - Para 3


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