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Our Approach to God

"Our approach to the Spirit should be simple, direct and spontaneous. There is no more of God in one place than in another. Wherever we are, there God is, and wherever we recognize the Divine Presence, then the Divine Presence responds.
To trust in this Presence is the highest form of sanity. To feel that It is guiding us is normal. To desire that the Divine Mind shall project Itself in our thought and act is natural. It is that spiritual something which must be added to every word spoken in effective mental treatment. Everyone should train himself to listen deeply to the Spirit which spontaneously flows through his own being. This is adding the Spirit of Truth to the letter of the Law. When the two become one, the most amazing power the world has ever witnessed flows freely into action through human affairs."

Ernest S. Holmes - How to Use the Science of Mind - Page-53, Para-3-4

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Annual Mountaintop Summit

The Journey of the Soul

September 15 - 17




Disclaimer: The teachings and interpretations contained in this series are personal for me in my life and are not intended to represent or rewrite any of Dr. Holmes's teachings or the teachings of Centers for Spiritual Living. Any repurpose or rebroadcast of these reflections to those who would use them intelligently is highly recommended.



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