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Our Own Puny Mental Efforts

Those who think that their healing depends upon their own puny mental efforts, such as concentration, will-power and so on, will be disappointed. But those who learn how to allow this Universal Intelligence to flow in their behalf will find liberation and healing. 
This, then, is the Intelligence and the Power that man can send into action. Mighty as it is to hold a universe in harmony, it is obedient to the thought and the word of man, and can be directed toward the building of perfect health, happiness and prosperity by that person who understands its complete responsiveness. This is the Law of Mind whose power we invoke. It is greater than anything that seems to oppose our desires.
Nothing in this universe has the power to frustrate us, because we are One with the God-Mind and God-Power. Let us arise and claim our birthright, for the reality of Mind is absolute and its scope limitless.

Dr. Frederick Bailes - Your Mind Can Heal You - Page 28-39


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