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Reflection Select: Answered Prayers and Demonstrations

Producer and Director's Note:

This week we go back to another of our most popular Reflections from 2022 as we move toward Rev. Dr. Lloyd George Tupper's all-new 12-part series on Ernest S. Holmes' "What We Believe" coming later this month.

Get ready to delve into the depths of these powerful Teachings, exploring what we believe as individuals and as a community. In this series, Rev. Lloyd's Reflections will offer an opportunity for us to reflect on our own practices and gain a more clear understanding of what it means to live our lives and ground our Treatments in the powerful Principles set forth by our dear Founder and published in every Science of Mind textbook.


PS: Please revisit the selection below and also note that we have added an interactive comment section where you can share "all the joy, all the love" and your insightful comments with Rev. Lloyd and the group. If there is no time to comment, there is a little ❤️ you can click to share the love. We have also, by popular demand, added a convenient "Support Us" button where you can donate to help us continue to produce Weekly Reflection and Mountaintop Events. Thank you for being a part of this community!

Sue Rouda, RScP, Producer, and Joshua Holmes, Director

“The basis of Treatment is that your subconscious mind is part of the Mind of God. Your subconscious mind is your very best friend, your creator, your ally. It will go to work for you at this instant to produce all the joy, all the love, all the peace in your world that you could possibly want. Being a part of The Infinite Mind, it plays the leading role in the creative process. It is that part of the Universal Mind, which is the Law, which is as unchanging and unrelenting as the Law of Gravity.”
Dr. Raymond Charles Barker – Treat Yourself to Life


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is it my prayers (now called Treatments) do not give me the certainty I desire, that being my Treatments are working (or being answered) or what I like to call “Delivering the Goods”?

One common answer has been “The answer is in the Treatment”. This sounds nice, but when you’re in need of a demonstration (also called Answered Prayer), it hardly brings the Petitioner (person giving the Treatment) any comfort, much less certainty.

In my 50-plus years of experience, the most common challenge in having certainty regarding Treatments (Prayers) being answered, is not so much as having the desired answer in the prayer (which is certainly very Important) but making certain you have included consciously the Law of Mind and Its Operation very specifically to produce the results desired.

I’d ask you to give the above quote some serious thinking. Ask yourself: Am I including The Law of Mind, which is functioning in me every moment of my existence, to receive and act upon that which my prayers are requesting? Do I realize this Law of Mind functioning in me is a function of The Universal Law of Mind which is regulating the entire Universe of which I am a vital part? Do I realize It is Intelligent, and that I am Intelligent, therefore It must respond to me, and It always will? It is responding to me…NOW!

OK, I will leave it here. Do think about these things, and check to see that they are in your treatment and Its Intention. The rest, as my dear friend Dr. Bob Bitzer, would say:

“Getting Treatment to work, why it’s as easy as falling off a log.”

Rev. Lloyd

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Feb 03, 2023

Thank you for this! That proverbial light bulb just turned on...


Feb 03, 2023

What a great reflection to look back on!

Replying to

I love the idea that the subconscious mind is my very best friend.


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