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Whereas I was Blind, I Now See. - John 1:25
“...It is imperative that we turn from the relative, because TO VIEW LIMITATION IS TO IMPRESS IT UPON THE MIND, and accentuate the state of consciousness which produced it. It is not always easy to turn from fear, from poverty and pain, and from the hurt of human existence, to that which is perfect. But whoever can do this—and will train himself to do it—will be like the man healed of blindness. He had little comprehension of how it had been done; he could only say: “Whereas I was blind, now I see.”"

Ernest S. Holmes - Science of Mind Textbook - Page 319



“From the hurt of human existence to that which is perfect”. When I read this line not so long ago, I thought, “Human Existence”, God - what a terrible place that must be, I’m sure we who are New Thought thinkers, rarely if ever, experience this state of consciousness that Dr. Holmes is describing. And yet, who among us, does not in those low moments, ask the question, “Is this all that life is”?

In REFLECTING about experiences that every human goes through at one time or another, I am convinced we all need to regularly go “TO THE MOUNTAIN TOP”, mingle with people of like Mindedness, and definitely change "The Relative", to a whole new perspective of INFINITE POTENTIAL!

This was our dream when we first began these Mountaintop sojourns and having missed last year due to the Covid scare, I am more convinced of its IMMENSE VALUE than ever. We all do need to get above the cadre of human depression, conflict, bitterness, and frustration... and wash ourselves clean! This happens above the Fray of human disappointments, misunderstanding, and general malaise. It’s like shaking off the traits that no longer serve our aliveness, and planting new seeds for the flowering Springtime which is sure to come in Its season.

Our space is limited, please don’t fret and delay your signing up. Do something Life changing, renewing, and exuberant. The “Mountain is Calling”, listen closely, it's your Spirit It’s calling.

I will see you there.


Rev Lloyd

PS: The RSVP page is HERE.



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