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“We cannot describe the natural history of the soul, but we know it is divine. But this I know, that these wonderful qualities did not now begin to exist, cannot be sick with my sickness, nor buried in any grave; but that they circulate through the Universe: before the world was, they were.”


“THE universe is pushing us forward. It does this because it must. There is no retrogression in God. Mind is forever evolving new ideas and these ideas are forever urging us on to greater good. Only those who look backward grow feeble. Their disintegration touches our sympathy, but wisdom tells us to release them to their own stagnation, and catch up with those in the vanguard of advancing souls, who let God work through them. To the alert, God speaks. Mind reveals Its ideas and good appears everywhere. The law of life is the law of growth, expansion and increase. We must accept this, for it has been given unto us freely, and all that it asks is that we follow its instructions. As we look ahead and behold the ideas of God unfolding within us and projecting themselves into form through us, we see our increased good.”

Ernest S. Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker - Richer Living - Page 59: Para 1


Looking back to our event of last Saturday, something I realized had occurred for me, and not for the first time: It was the thrill I felt in reading to my loving friends the Absolutes of “What We Believe” as written by our founder Dr. Ernest S. Holmes. I cannot tell you how exalted I feel each time I hear it (none too often), and the joy daily that I actually feel when I hear myself actually say it audibly. Yup, I’m like a drug Junkie. I just can’t get, or hear, or feel the meaning of the words too many times. This, however, was not always the case.

Thus, the introduction of this week's word “Retrogression”. The dictionary defines the word as: ”Return to a former and less complex level of Development”. Yikes!

Actually, if the Truth be known, for the first several years, after dragging my feet to admit what I believed based on Dr. Holmes's classic Beliefs, I, like Peter in denying Jesus, constantly regressed into my old modality of denying “What We Believe” to my family, friends, and associates. Why? Because I was somehow embarrassed that I no longer aligned with, let’s call it, the “Old Time Doctrine” that I had been raised with. (Not that I really believed much of it to start with.)

It was not until I admitted that I did not fully understand the depths of the Truth these Beliefs would eventually evoke in me: A whole new sense of Being “One in God, of God, expressing for God, the Will of God", that I honestly started to Believe what today describes my life as truly Divine, at least to the level I've grown to encompass. Having abandoned the former practice of hiding out in Retrogression, I can now truly live my Beliefs.

So my dear friends, simply don’t deny your good. Even if you still don’t grasp the depth that Beliefs can (and do) evoke in reaction to the presence of God’s Mind In you - take it from Me:

Fake it 'till you Make It... and Let the Good Times Roll!

Repeat daily, “What We Believe”, and you, like me, will enter a Heavenly experience of living your Truth as never before!

After all: Are you not a Deathless Expression of an Immortal Life, that knows no Beginning and no End? Of course, you are!


Rev Lloyd

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