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“We can do anything we wish if we will stop scttering our energy and organize our thinking, if we will live with wisdom. Think of what you want, talk in terms of what you want, expect what you want and act as though you had it.

Raymond Charles Barker – Spiritual Healing for Today - Page 59 Para 5

"The Law of Mind is not selective. That is, It is receptive without caring what It receives. It is creative without caring what It creates. It knows how to do without consciously knowing that It is doing or what It is doing. It seems strange that the first thing to realize is that there could be such a Law in the universe. But on second thought we find that all natural laws are of a like character, no natural law is ever selective of itself. This is why we must realize that the Spirit Itself is more than any or all laws as we understand them. Conscious mind controls the Law of Mind. The Law of Mind is sensitive but not conscious from the standpoint of having any selective quality. Selectivity is the office of the conscious mind while creativeness is the office of the Inner Mind."

Ernest S. Holmes – Science of Mind Textbook - Page 403 - Para 3



“Act as though you had it” in Dr. Barker's phrase above reminds me of ”Fake it 'til you make it”.

The key word in his comments to me is “Scattering Our Energy”. That is exactly what Faking means. If you don’t Believe something, why waste your time and energy trying to kid yourself, somehow it’s going to appear and Work. There are more crude ways to say this, however, let’s just call it: “Stop Trying To Blow In Your Own Ears”.

"Selection" indicates Fore Thought, and Thought to me is Consciously Impressing The Belief (Selection) On The Law of Mind. (Please reread Dr. Holmes's quote above.) In essence, Selection indicates you have decided on a deliberate Action to produce a definite expected Result.

This brings me to ask: Are you Selecting, a definite something to come about based on your “Understanding“ of How The Law of Mind clearly works? Anyone who works with me as a Practitioner knows I always Select My Words carefully when I commence giving a Spiritual Mind Treatment. Often the Selection of my words will begin with ”I choose to Impress the Law of Mind with, this, that, or whatever". I Select my words carefully, indicating the Belief of my Selection(s) are based on acquired knowledge of How Treatment Works.

“Stop beating.. (as the saying goes, A Dead (Something)" - Selection in Life is a Key factor to Success in any endeavor. Don’t just throw a bunch of words against life’s wall and expect a cohesive result. Choose or select wisely. Practice what we have all learned, “then if you act as though you had it,” your basis for doing so, will make Dr. Barker happy, and your results in alignment with your Selections!


Rev Lloyd



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