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Self Pity

“SELF-PITY is the indication of an egocentric mind. This common error should be treated as definitely as we would treat a disease. Actually, it is a temporary illness of the consciousness. Its cure is to realize that the only way the joy of the Spirit can function in our world is by functioning from a point within us. We cannot experience joy around us, until we have created it within us. God is the joy and zest of life. His presence within and around us is forever calling our attention to the happiness of living the abundant life. Too much thinking in personal terms causes us to start sympathizing with ourselves. It is easy to describe the hurts and offenses that are offered us, and to inwardly build them into false judgments of people and conditions. But no one destroys our joy but ourselves, and no one creates our joy for us. God’s Spirit within is the cause and the producer of our happiness."

Ernest S. Holmes – Raymond Charles Barker - 365 Days of Richer Living

Page 46 - Para 1


When it comes to “hitting the nail on the head” it would appear Drs Barker and Holmes pull no punches on Self Pity. Who amongst us does not feel he or she has not been taken advantage of, and that self-indulgence, anger-for comfort, resentment, or just “To Hell with It” is our Cure? I know for myself, that none too often, I am misunderstood, or even fail to spare others' feelings in my blunders, and.. wham! The other shoe drops. And often, very, very hard. This is where Self Pity makes Its Grand entrance. It often offers a brief reprieve, or "I’ll show them". And, Reality (The Truth) makes Its inevitable appearance.

In the Science of Mind and Spirit, we learn that quick fixes, especially where others are concerned, only produce what we call Cures. A Cure, however, is only a temporary fix. A true Healing is quite different. In my own experience, a Healing does often take longer because we are going deeper to find The Cause, rather than just covering the wounded Ego or situation with a quick apology. Assuming then, we trust, all is forgiven and quickly forgotten. Such more often than not is not the case.

A complete Healing is often, but not necessarily, a Work in Progress. Sometimes pain is involved, but not so much we can’t survive. Yet, who wants to live in Survival? Not me, and I am certain, not you. To me, Forgiveness is the Healing Balm that lasts. This is true not just for one’s self, but for everyone, and everything that is involved. A contrite heart is the workplace of The Holy Spirit. Always seek Its Council, Its soothing unconditioned Love, and Its elimination of Right/Wrongs.

Remember the sweet and powerful words of the Carpenter of Nazareth who said ”Love One Another as I Have Loved You“, and Self Pity no matter how seemingly entitled will vanish, “Like a Thief in the Night”!

And I say, Amen to that!

Rev. Lloyd



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