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Study Principle for What We Believe - Upcoming Series

"For who are we to throw a lie into the face of the Almighty and deny what the Omnipotent has decreed?
Let us then believe in this life; let us seek to see it everywhere and feel it and announce it and pronounce it, because that greatness which we recognize in Jesus and Moses and Buddha and Emerson is wonderful—if they have awakened us to a higher level of perception within ourselves. But if they have, we may know that that perception now—as we look upon them no matter how great (there are no prophets but the wise; there is no God higher than truth; there is no universe we can get out of)—if they have awakened us to that, they have merely awakened us to a self-perception of something which already existed within us. That is why Emerson said, “I go to hear a great man talk, and I don’t realize that I have already given him all the greatness he has.” You are great and I am great—not in conceit, not in our isolation or separation, not as though we say to others, “Look at me and die,” because you and I cannot announce our greatness without including the greatness of everything that lives. Something forevermore blinds our eyes to the perception of the self unless it interprets itself everywhere. This is one of the things we fail to realize: I can claim nothing for myself with validity, realize nothing in myself, unless I find it and see it in you—because I can see only with my own eyes. Here is where there is no danger; here is where there is no conceit; here is where the spirit has no arrogance."

Ernest S. Holmes - The Ernest Holmes Papers - Pages 165-166

So...Let's Talk!!

This quote is a bit of a teaser and a study guide for this coming Thursday's launch of my "What We Believe" series. I pray you are all having a wonderful extended weekend and that you will have time to contemplate Dr. Holmes's words above.

Now we can all go through the week and into this series knowing "You are great and I am great"! Shall we Dance?

Love, Lloyd


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