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…and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it...

Malachi 3:10

"Why does the individual make a negative choice? Because he does not understand the law of his own individuality, and believes it to be a law of limitation, instead of a Law of Liberty. He does not expect to find the starting point of the Creative Process produced within himself, and so he looks to the mechanical side of things for the basis of his reasoning about life. Consequently, his reasoning lands him in the conclusion that life is limited, because he has assumed limitation in his premises, and so-logically cannot escape from it in his conclusion.
Then he thinks that this is the law and so ridicules the idea of transcending it. He points to the sequence of cause and effect, by which death, disease, and disaster, hold their sway over the individual, and says that sequence is law. And he is perfectly right so far as he goes – it is the law; but not THE law. When we have only reached this stage of comprehension, we have yet to learn that a higher law can include a lower one so completely as entirely to swallow it up."

Thomas Troward - The Dore Lectures - Pages 126, Para 3 - Page 127, Para 1



"Oh no, Lloyd is writing and thinking in Trowarian! I never understand him when he does this, either in his Lectures or his writings.”

Well folks, guess what? Your prayers have been answered! You will understand him, if in fact, you say: “Mind in Me, you know exactly what is being said and what herein is being written. Make me understand it so that it further empowers me to ABSOLUTELY know what I am trying consciously to understand."

The understanding won’t come from the Conscious Mind, but it will come from the Sub-Conscious use of Mind which is the organ of Spirit. This aspect of Spirit can do ALL manner of things! By looking to our Conscious Mind, we’ve been seeking ” ..the living among the dead” as scriptures would say, and that for us is a “NoNo”!

Let me say in complete honesty if you don’t make the effort to understand Troward, in my opinion, you're only getting the partial benefit of Science of Mind. Troward was a great influence on Ernest Holmes, and since you do understand Holmes, Troward is the magnificent icing on the cake!

As a teaser, reread the lesson above, then close your eyes, and say: “Sub-Conscious Mind In Me, you do understand what I’ve just read, so give me the understanding simply, as I’m ready to soar!”

Let’s Fly!

Love, Lloyd


If you want to be on the fast track to understanding Troward and having truly effective treatments in your practice - please be at our Mountaintop Summit on October 22. If you are a Practitioner-Student or Minister, please RSVP by CLICKING HERE. Also - Some of you can only make it for Saturday and that is not a problem at all! I look forward to all of us understanding Troward and his teachings once and for all!



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