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“The genius of Man is a continuation of the power that made him and that has not done making him.”

Emerson - This is The Best Day of My Life, Richer Living, Page 178

"In Religious Science, we do not heal through intercession. We heal by calm clear knowing, because we are dealing with a Power that is Life, a Power that responds to Intelligence, which is only impeded by us. We always stand in our own way. We always stand in our own light. We always make our own mistakes. We are always cluttered with our own false opinions. It is apparent that disease in all forms is due to this interior confusion in Man, and healing is accomplished by clearing of this inner confusion."

Raymond Charles Barker. D.D. Page 69, Collected Wisdom, Of R.C.B,


I have taken the liberty of using the occasion of Thanksgiving falling on our normal Reflections sending day to cover this apropos topic. As I write this I am especially filled with Thanks and Gratitude - and I am using two great authors to support this in their own way.

“The Genius of man is a continuation of that power that made him, and that has not done making him.”

Emerson reminds me that no matter what the challenges and tribulations of my life may hold today, I can be Thankful that tomorrow is a new day - for God is not finished with me yet!

“Disease in all forms is due to an interior confusion in Man, and Healing is accomplished by clearing of this inner confusion”.

And there's Barker reminding me how Grateful I am to be on this path with all of you - working on this blessed calling of being a Practitioner. For in his statement he nails this simple truth: Spiritual Mind Treatment Heals

No matter what concerns and circumstances we have in this “Thing Called Life”, We get to use Treatment to Clear any Confusion (Getting our bloatedness out of the way of the divine circuitry) - and to support ourselves and others in the Truth that:

Tomorrow is indeed a New Dawn

God does not know "yesterdays" and "tomorrows"

God has not finished making us


Spiritual Mind Treatment Heals

This is what fills me with Thank-Full-Ness today and I hope it does the same for you!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the whole Mountaintop Team.

Gobble Gobble!🦃





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