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The Immediacy of God

"To fear the future or to dwell in the past is to unconsciously limit the availability of God in your present experience. These are the false detours that many take. They lead to trouble, while knowing God at the moment leads to peace and plenty. The way out of problems of today is not by means of either yesterday or tomorrow. The Power that already abides in you acts as you when you are clear in your thinking and uncluttered by emotional nonsense premised upon negations from former times. You can have what you want, but you have to think what you want, and you have to think of it as already being so. This is the science that Jesus (and others) exemplified"

Raymond Charles Barker - Create the Life You Want

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Annual Mountaintop Summit

Soul: The Means of Spirit

September 15 - 17


The Rouda Roost

On the Shores of Lake Tahoe


Disclaimer: The teachings and interpretations contained in this series are personal for me in my life and are not intended to represent or rewrite any of Dr. Holmes's teachings or the teachings of Centers for Spiritual Living. Any repurpose or rebroadcast of these reflections to those who would use them intelligently is highly recommended.

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I love, love these talks. You are truly sharing a lifetime of spiritual seeking, study, and finding. They are so intimate and immediate. You are brilliant; God in you is brilliant. Also, I feel like I am just quietly bustling around your kitchen, making you a lovely lunch and hearing you in your office. I love you. Karyl


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