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The Money Trust

“When we treat we should be specific. "Whatsoever things we desire" when we pray we should "believe that we have them." If we wish a home we should ask for, or mentally accept, a home. We can put as much detail into our mental work as we desire. Sometimes to do so will be of great service in gaining a complete mental acceptance of our desires. This is the whole secret, a complete mental acceptance and embodiment of our desires."

Ernest Holmes – The Science of Mind Textbook

Page 398 - Para 3


Often I am asked: "Is there a secret to praying for Money?" "Is it un God-like to be so crass?"

My answer is always the same. Money, like everything, is Spirit in the temporary form of Money. “In God we Trust“, is not some silly, trite comment placed on the currency of The United States. Ask yourself: "Which country is the most prosperous of all the civilized world?" Yup, you guessed it.. we are! Think now: Why is that? - It has to do with Trust!

You need never be fearful of asking for anything that does not harm others or take what rightfully belongs to them. The more you associate Money with God, the better off we all will be. As Rev. Ike once stated, “Money is not the root of all evil, rather it’s the ABSENCE of Money which is the Root of all Evil.”

For those of us who know New York City, there is a glamorous store on 5th Avenue called “Lord and Taylor”. Well, there was really only One Partner to Mr. Taylor.. Yes.. you guessed it. His partner was no less than, Thee Lord.

Think about that, and “Go forth and Court The Lord.”

Enjoy! Rev. Lloyd



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