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The Victory of Easter

There is a divine power resident in every person which resurrects them from the problems of living. Jesus gave evidence of this power and told his followers to follow him in the use of it. Within you this power claims your attention. It beckons you to accomplish greatly and not be defeated. There will always be a stone on your pathway which must be rolled away, but the power of God in you will accomplish this.
Easter offers the opportunity to emerge from the problems of the present into greater freedom in the immediate future. No tomb of material problems can stop the individual who knows God as their true self, and directs their mind aright. Resurrection is the action of God in us bringing God forth from the tomb of our own errors of omission and commission.
Jesus exemplified the spiritual person and the spiritual person's ability to overcome the problems of this world. On Easter morning Jesus proved that Life is indestructible and Love forever reigns. You are deathless, immortal and free. Within you on your pathway is the power to meet all that comes. You may be tried in the balances, but leaning on the inner Mind you will not be found wanting. Remember, Jesus was only three hours on the cross and that is as long as any difficulty should enslave you.

Dr. Raymond Charles Barker - Create the Life You Want - Page 63 - Para 1-3

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This Saturday - March 30

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