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Treatment Takes Place, Placing Full Reliance on the Infinite Intelligence of Mind

We conceive of Spirit as the only self-conscious Principle of the universe, Mind being not self conscious. "Spirit is First Cause, is self existent, and has all life within itself." It has the ability to will, select, and direct. Mind has the ability to obey, to be directed into specific activity, but it cannot will and select. The originating and the initiatory act is always that of Spirit. It is then picked up and given form by Mind, which is the Universal Subjective.
Hence, we place full reliance upon the Infinite Intelligence of Mind and upon its ability to perform anything that has to be done, but we recognize that it is changeable in its action, creating constructively or destructively according to the choice made in our conscious thought.
On the other hand, we recognize the unchangeableness of Spirit, which is the Eternal I AM, forever dwelling in Perfection. Spirit sees itself reflected in the universe, unchanged and unchanging.
Thus, when we say that imperfection has never really been in the body, we are rising to the viewpoint of Spirit and declaring that which is always seen by Spirit, namely, the eternal perfection of man. This, then, is the announcement we make to Mind, to manifest that perfection which Spirit always sees, and which, since we have cleared our consciousness of false images, we too can see.

Dr. Frederick Bailes - Your Mind Can Heal You - Page 130 para 2-4


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