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Treatment Takes Place wholly within the Mind of Practitioner

A Point that must be made clear is that the treatment takes place wholly within the mind of the practitioner. He does not try to influence the mind of the patient except as he may enter into an explanation of thought processes for the purpose of clarifying the patient's understanding.
When we come to the actual methods to be used in giving a spiritual treatment, we shal see that the practitioner's whole effort during a treatment is to convince himself beyond the shadow of a doubt that this person for whom he is working is perfect as seen by the Infinite Thinker, and to remove from his own mind any belief in the idea of imperfection concerning his patient.
Since we see evidences of Cosmic Intelligence working away out among the stars, we believe that we are surrounded by an ocean of mind that exists into infinity; that this Mind is the only Mind in the universe and that when anyone thinks, he does so by using this Mind, What we call individual minds are in reality only single drops in the ocean of Mind; yet they are this One mind. Mind is indivisible; therefore, what is known at one point in Mind can be known immediately at all points in Mind.

Dr. Frederick Bailes - Your Mind Can Heal You - Page 55 para 3-4 & Page 56 para 1-2


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