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“...we should not fool ourselves about any demonstration. We know there is a state of consciousness which can heal instantly, but if we do not arrive at this in a moment, we should never admit defeat.”
Ernest S. Holmes - Science of Mind Textbook - Page 75 - Para 2
"...I want to clarify the difference between prayer, meditation and treatment. When I use the word prayer, I think of it as an action on the part of man, reaching out to a God in order to get something. The word prayer indicates petition or asking. This is the customary procedure. You are asking a Diety for something on the basis that you don't already have it. I believe you already have it; therefore you don't have to ask for it.
Meditation, the second method, is the act of absorbing an idea into consciousness. As you meditate upon an idea you absorb it into the structure of your thought, and it becomes you. Meditation is a quiet, relaxed absorption of ideas. The difference between meditation and treatment is absorption. In prayer, you beg for an idea. In meditation you absorb an idea. In treatment you project an idea. They are quite different. Meditation has been practiced by the prophets and the saints of the ages. They learned to be still; they learned to relax. They experienced an interior communion with great ideas of truth. They assimilated these ideas which then became a working part of their own mental structure.
Prayer and meditation differ greatly from treatment. Treatment is dynamic thinking of God and His manifestations. Treatment is the synchronization of the individual with the universal mind. It is the blending of the individual with the universal, so that the individual merely becomes the vehicle through which the universal acts, and the individual can direct that action to a given end."

Raymond Charles Barker - Treat Yourself to Life - Page 9: Para 3 - Page 10: Para 1,3


As most of you can figure out having read the quote above by Dr. Holmes and the excellent commentary by Dr. Barker, this week’s lesson, including our Saturday Zoom session, will be all about Answered Prayer. Call it Demonstration's as Dr. Holmes writes about it (above) or as Dr. Barker defines it (also Above) The crux of the lessons here is simply: Don’t Be UNDAUNTED. A few definitions of this word featured in this week's Reflections are:

Not Discouraged, Not Dismayed, Bold, Brave, and Fearless.

To me, it is imperative we don’t throw in the towel when it comes to demonstrating our tried and True Principles. More Practitioners “Faint and Nash Teeth” over their perception of unanswered prayer than any other cause - which my personal research supports. Thus, if there is any Truth to our declining ranks due to this temporary ailment, what say we (yes all of us) address it and Heal it once and for all time. Are you with me?

No more excuses. Be it time, money (*or lack of it), just being stuck in the “muck” of what seems a frustration, or simply “This Stuff Ain’t Working”...

I say Nonsense! Of course, It works! And, I’m going to show you how this Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm on our first of our three Zoom gatherings.

For God’s sake: Be there!! I will!

Rev Lloyd

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