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What We Believe - Upcoming Series

I am writing you who have given me the honor of reading Reflections over this past year about my intentions in writing this upcoming series of Reflections on “What I Believe“ by Ernest S. Holmes.

I have felt for several years that It was incumbent that someone who is a student of New Thought, and in particular, the Science of Mind and Spirit, address these 12 Beliefs. I have come to appreciate that far too few of those of us who have tenure with The Science of Mind and Spirit and its teachings have taken the initiative to practice this daily in our Spiritual pursuits. Thus I feel safe with you who have indulged me these last several months, that I will “take the plunge” so to speak. I do this however with the certainty that it may upset many devotees of Dr. Holmes's teachings:” How dare he!” - “Who Is he to surmise to interpret what is so established?” So, in the beginning, let’s set the record straight. I am writing these interpretations for myself as well as for any of us who still are making an earnest effort to live our lives in accordance with what Dr. Holmes intended. I believe he wanted to give his followers a genuine set of Beliefs, that if adopted into daily practice could change and make a significant difference in the quality of our spiritual growth. Is it not worth our addressing and discussing these truths in the light of our current world? There you have it. Nothing more, but also nothing less. For you see, I myself still daily wish Dr. Holmes were around so I could ask, “What did you mean by this?” I still often think the same thoughts, and no one seems to interpret these Beliefs to my satisfaction. In my 56 years as a practicing Religious Scientist (also known as The Science of Mind and Spirit), I have personally been aware of only one person who had memorized the 12 or 13 Beliefs, and that was the Reverend Doctor Marjorie Staum, formerly of Mile High Ministry in Denver, Colorado. Ask yourself, why is that?? Ok, now it’s time to proceed. Here is a link to What We Believe on my website:

I have chosen to send this letter as my message this week to tee up this coming series... I just wanted to let you know my intentions and caveats – and why I pray you will find it helpful in your daily practice

This is my simple mission: To share my interpretation and experience. And, with deep humility, I boldly state:

He who writes, may he also admit: “No one needs it, more than I!”

Love, Lloyd

PS - Look out mid-week for a study principle that will tee up the first episode one week from today.

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