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When One Conceives a New Idea

"When one conceives a new idea he is actually specializing the Law of cause and effect for the definite and specific purpose implied in the idea. He is specializing a Law, not creating It. The mental Law of cause and effect, like all other laws of nature, is a neutral, impersonal, creative force always operating mechanically and mathematically, always right where we are and ever ready and willing to respond. Intelligence operating in and through this Law sets It in motion for Creative purposes."

Ernest S. Holmes - How to Use the Science of Mind


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Annual Mountaintop Summit

Soul: The Sacred Means of Spirit

September 15 - 17


The Rouda Roost

On the Shores of Lake Tahoe


Disclaimer: The teachings and interpretations contained in this series are personal for me in my life and are not intended to represent or rewrite any of Dr. Holmes's teachings or the teachings of Centers for Spiritual Living. Any repurpose or rebroadcast of these reflections to those who would use them intelligently is highly recommended.


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