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Rev. Dr. Lloyd George Tupper


Tune in for weekly truth, wisdom, thoughts, and teachings and other SOM principles to help you as a practitioner, minister, or student, furthering the understanding and application of
Ernest Holmes' teachings, especially:
"What We Believe"

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”The Definition of Karma is: You Get Away with Nothing!” Jack Kornfield, Buddhist Teacher, Co-Founder, Spirit Rock Meditation Center,...


"Whether we face the sun or look away from it, the presence of the light noruishes us all. Beauty arrives in brilliant sunlight and in...


Whereas I was Blind, I Now See. - John 1:25 “...It is imperative that we turn from the relative, because TO VIEW LIMITATION IS TO IMPRESS...


He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death. – Job 12:22 “Good is at the root of...


And God looked upon all He had created and Behold It Was Good, Very Good! – Genesis 1:31 And God saw everything that he had made, and,...


“We can do anything we wish if we will stop scttering our energy and organize our thinking, if we will live with wisdom. Think of what...


“I respect the good, the beauty and the love I have known. However, I keep my thinking and feeling fresh and creative in this day and in...


“Instead of that reliance which the soul suggests, on the eternity of truth and beauty, men are misled into a reliance on institutions,...

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